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June 17, 2021 | 2 Comment(s)

Types of Lighting : Designing your office light

In Applications

Lighting is too often considered as an afterthought by engineers and is then simply treated by applying one type of ceiling-mounted luminaire to plan drawings. The fittings usually chosen are single component lumianires such as downlights or diffuser fittings. Either way, while the lighting result may meet specific illumination criteria, such an approach tends to produce a bland, run-of-the-mill lighting effect that is hardly stimulating for users of the building in question.

Things are changing however, as interior designer strive to create more interesting environments, where lighting is very essence of the space, accentuating its form, texture, color or orientation. Lighting is also increasingly used to facilitate the dynamic use of space, under varying conditions or for different application.

Types of Lighting for office application are as follows:

Direct Lighting

-Lighting falls from the luminaires on the ceiling directly onto the workplace, in part highly directional
-Glare suppression is important under flat angles
-The ceiling can appear dark (cave effect)
-The workplace lay-out should not allow any shadows
-High energy efficiency is achieved for the work area

Indirect Lighting

-Light is directed to the ceiling and walls so that it illuminates the workplaces indirectly
-The lighting effect may appear diffuse through the absence of shadows
-The room increase in height
-The light is glare-free
-Workplaces can be arranged at random
-Lower energy efficiency

Indirect/direct lighting

-Light is directed to the workplace directly and indirectly via the ceiling from suspended luminaires or free-standing luminaires
-Pleasant room visuals
-High user acceptance
-Good contrast ratios
-Flexible workplaces lay-out with an indirect share of >60%
-Good combination of energy efficiency and lighting quality

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